Our Club History

hcmc patchThe HCMC was originally founded in April 1980 at the Anson Hinden and Minden Township Gravel Pit. The club operated in that location until 1982 and pending the establishment of a new site, various members joined together in order to retain our club status.

Shooting disciplines at the time were rimfire and centre fire rifle, single stage shotgun sporting clays and rimfire and centre fire bullseye handgun. In 1990 the process was begun to acquire the property being leased from the Township of Lutterworth. We were successful in closing the deal in 1992.

In 1992 action shooting sports were introduced to the club and became an approved discipline. 1993 saw the introduction of handgun silhouette and the steel challenge speed shoot.

Also in 1993, the current structures, shooting position covers, shooting bench and baffles were constructed. This feat was accomplished over a 2 weekend period by diligent members of this club. All supplies, poles, timbers and steel roofing were donated by members as was the use of equipment to accomplish this.

In 1994 we had the option of purchasing an additional 68 acres to increase our holdings to 70 acres. Just a little over 2 acres are in use at this time. The purchase of the additional property was accomplished through a special fundraising fee from existing members.

Then in 2005 plans were made to construct a club house on the range property. This building was completed in time for the November 2006 Annual General Meeting. On a continuing basis, our members contribute to the upkeep of the club by physical means, ideas for improvement and monetarily by way of annual dues.

HCMCNET Celebrating 40 Years