Club & Range Rules

Top Ten Rules

  1. Keep firearms pointed downrange when on the firing line.
  2. Use only club approved targets on the range.
  3. All targets must be located directly up against the backstop.
  4. Handguns cannot be fired more than 25 yds on short range.
  5. Event captains have the right to ban any shooter or firearm they deem unsafe for that event.
  6. Non-members must be accompanied by a member in good standing and monitored at all times on the firing line.
  7. Shooters must be holster qualified to use a holster at any events.  Acceptable holster qualifications are:
    - Haliburton County Marksmen Club Inc. Holster Course
    - IPSC Black Badge
    - IDPA SO Certification
  8. Membership badges MUST BE WORN at all times.
  9. Never break the 45 degree rule when placing targets on the range for safety of all shooters. See 45 degree rule here.
  10. Have fun shooting and always stay safe.