Which Discipline Are You?

3 Gun

Action sports defensive shooting to the max.  Come join us with your 3 guns and help send massive amounts of lead down range.


Classic IPSC shooting discipline at its finest.  Level 1 and 2 matches are held at the club so come try your luck on one of our teams.

Clay Bird

Try your hand at shooting clay birds and join us for our Sunday matches.  check out our new covered area and shooting platform.

Steel Plate

Feel the recoil of your gun and hear that wonder sound as you hit the steel.  Come test your skill and speed on the range.

Cowboy Action

Strap on a six gun and saddle up. Then grab you coach gun and join the meanest and baddest gunslingers in Haliburton.


Slow, steady and accuracy more to your liking then bullseye is for you. Set your target and fire away till your hearts content.


Prefer to take you time and plan out each shot.  Looking to make each one a bullseye. Then silhouette might just be your type of match.

Moving Target

Ready.. Set.. Go.. Time to test your hand eye coordination as your target won't wait for you. Give it a try and see how quick you really are.

Military Rifle

Classic military rifle competition for those that appreciate history and great rifles. Load em up and enjoy the smell of spend shells.

Black Powder

Want to go back to a time when you had to work for every shot fired? Well black powder will take you exactly where you want to be.

22 Rifle

Looking for something with a little less recoil then .22 rifle might just be for you.  Bring your favourite .22 cal rifle and join the fun.

Ladies Day

Ladies this one is for you to enjoy.  New to the sport or old hat all are welcome to come and have fun. Bring all your lady friends.

General Club Rules

All members are required to read and follow all rules put forward by the Board of Directors.  By paying your membership dues you are acknowledging that you agree to all club rules. Please take a moment to check out our club documentation.

Club Range Schedule

If you want to see what is happening at the club then take a look.  All events are listed and you can check out the FAQ to answer any common questions. If you have questions that are not answered on the website send us an email.